When it comes to fructose what is the one word we are missing?


Oct 9, 2017
Possibilities. For 250 years the best high energy nuclear physicists had studied Newton's theory of gravity and Einstein was the only one who considered the possibility that gravity effected space time. Have you considered the possibility that God, flowers, bees, and hummingbirds are right and men are wrong. Admit it. You're not eating raw wildflower honey cuz a man told you that fructose is bad. Hummingbirds eat high fructose flower nectar. Bees eat high fructose flower nectar. Why would God make bees and hummingbirds and then feed them high fructose flower nectar if that was bad? We are not in this predicament cuz of God. We are in this predicament cuz men brag about their b.s. and we just blindly follow along cuz we never consider the possibilities. So next time you hear some b.s. from a man just consider the possibility that his b.s. is just really b.s.