What is in “RESP-80”?


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Feb 24, 2018
Several years ago, I got sick with the swine flu... it was a couple years after the bad nationwide outbreak, and it hit me so hard I also got pneumonia at the same time but went undiagnosed for a month and a half. (Thanks local doc) Once it finally was diagnosed, the things I was already doing were the same as they were going to prescribe for me. So the only other option he gave me was to go to the ER. I decided to ask a friend who knew quite a lot about herbs, and she told me about some different ones, recommending a product labeled “RESP-80”. It got rid of my pneumonia in 2 days, but I took it and the other herbs for a week and a half to make sure.

This product is no longer made, and I can’t find any other product that works as good as it did. I do not know who the maker was ether.

Could someone come up with ether the manufacturer or the ingredients list for RESP-80? I would be eternally grateful! Or if you know a product that is just as good I’d be interested in knowing more...