What if I told you that your protection and medicine are in your garden? Will this seem strange? So follow this post and you will understand


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Apr 14, 2021
First Doctor: (Earth)
The secret of strong health and a long life is simply simplicity, it will not differ from two that stress, nervousness and constant anxiety are undoubtedly the diseases of the times, but if stress and anxiety are inevitable in the circumstances of our current lives in this age of speed, what is the solution? Simply take an hour or half an hour of your time daily and go out to your garden and start walking barefoot and the secret is here. Walk with your feet directly attached to the ground. I mean, don't walk over artificial grass or pottery or the like. You should contact the ground directly. You will notice the difference from the far steps. Well now I want to tell you the secrets of other great doctors all in your orchard are there to serve you and for free but for now let you meditate on your number one doctor (Earth) ;)