What Could Be the Cause of my High Pulse Rate?


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I have been using various forms of magnesium for decades. I need it for constipation. I know, probably crummy diet, but I've tried various diets over these decades. So, I do like to include mag oxide in any combination.

I read the Magnesium Miracle, and I bought some ReMag from Dr. Carolyn Dean. It worked very well all alone, but was too expensive to sustain. It would be better if the bottle had a dropper too. Anyway, I try to find magnesium which is ionic. One of my favorites is a product which has been around for a long time. Calm. It is a powder substance which mixes with water easily and tastes great.

There are other forms on the market. I always look for any magnesium which is bound with an acid, as that seems like the easiest to digest.