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What are your experiences with energy therapy?


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Jul 15, 2022

I wanted to know if any of the members have managed to improve their health using one (or more) available energy therapies, like bioenergy, reiki, etc.

I have found great success with it because I know some very good healers, but they are very hard to find, most people are charlatans.

What drew me to one particular healer (who is now deceased) is the fact that he actually proved the efficacy of his methods clinically, in cooperation with professors at the Medical University. On a sample of almost 3000 patients, around 90 percent reported improvements in their health, or a complete eradication of the disease.

P.S. If someone wants to experience it first hand, I can kindly offer a demonstration of the technique, remotely, because it's a hobby of mine as well; using spiritual energies for healing. *this is not an advertisement, but a free demonstration of remote healing for research and other purposes. (and I don't require any personal info)


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Aug 8, 2012
I have a pico and soma board for my foods. Q-link around my neck. Aires card for emf in wallet. Hedron cube. Crystals. Orgone buster. im game.