Vit k1,k4, and k7 for just 7 cents/day.


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Poor peasants like Mike and Janet are always looking for ingenious ways to reduce exorbitant expenditures on nutrition programs. One of the best ways is to tell the masterminds to go fly a kite in Timbuktu. The farmers do all the work, the patrons pay all the dough, and the masterminds make all the profits. Well we're not playing their game. So here's the skinny. K1 can become k4 but not k7. K7 can become k4 but k4 cannot become k7. K7 performs the same functions as both k1 and k4. K1 and k4 go from 0 to peak in 4 hours and from peak to 0 in 4 more hours. K7 goes from 0 to peak in 4 hours and then peak to 0 in 92 more hours. So here's the dope. Take 10 grams natto. That is 100mcg k7. So in 4 hours that goes to peak and from peak to 50mcg in 44 more hours. Take another 10 grams natto and go from 50 mcg to 150 mcg in 4 hours and from 150 mcg to 75 mcg in another 44 hours. See. You're gaining 25mcg every 2 days. At some point in the future you'll reach a threshold where you won't gain any more. Once you stop in 4 days you won't have any left. Me and Janet we buy 4 46 gram boxes of natto at the Asian market near the mall where we walk for just $2.49.