Visual Migraines


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Does anyone have knowledge of or personal experience with visual migraines? Mine started in about 2005 and I'd have an episode about once every six months. Then in 2008 I had one and nothing since, until two days ago. I have no pain with them, but have experienced bad headaches (apparently caused by chiropractic problems in my neck from falls from horses back in the 1960s) much of my life. My opthalmologist seemed pretty unconcerned by this, but I wonder what, if anything, it all signals underneath the symptoms.
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By visiual do mean like the kaliedescope vision? Ive gotten migraines since I was 13, I'm 47 now or will be a few days. My migraines have gotten less painful with age, and I don't get them as often. I take magnesium and vitamin b complex and extra b2 to keep them at Bay, it helps alot and I take niacin 100mg when/if I get a migraine at the first indication of kaliedescope vision. I get cold and hungry with migraines now,I use to get sick and the pain was awful. They use to last a day to two, now they're gone in hours, I still have the hangover the next day tho.. and I've always had the vision thing.. oh and I use to get them once a month, now they come once every four or six months..


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I looked at some pictures online of kaleidoscope vision and I'm not sure it's the same thing. I describe them as orange starburst outline on a black background, sometimes full circle, sometimes on one side only. You see them but it's actually in the brain, not the eyes. They start with a shimmering effect then proceed to the starburst and usually slowly go away in about 20 minutes. I've been doing research on some health challenges I've been dealing with and it seems that these can be symptoms of multiple sclerosis and/or Parkinson's, so maybe not so benign as my opthalmologist was claiming.


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I call it lightening. Starts on one side/in one eye. The blurring and what looks like lightening in my field of vision. Continues for awhile and then the horrific crushing headache.

I began eating ALL organic and gluten/gmo free. Then supplements. Seemed to lessen events from three to four a month, to one or two.

When I notice the blur/lightening just beginning I put a homeopathic oil for Headaces or or Migraines inside my wrists. Five minutes later, I do that again and there is NO residual headache or throbbing pain and full vision is back.

My first migraine was when I was five months pregnant. I then noticed they begin at the change of weather. Before a storm.

The oil helps me quite a bit. I once would pop a tylenol - and that helped, but I am happy I found this oil!!! I want my guts to remain as healthy as possible until I am about 120 years old.