Umbilical Pain/Soreness


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Oct 1, 2010
About one year ago, I noticed one day that I felt pain when I would press a finger to my belly button. Back then, I had recently begun taking Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water and thought there was a connection. I do not believe there is though, because the pain would come and go independent of when I was drinking it. I have not been drinking that for some time, but as of a few months ago, the pain came back. It is a dull pain, sore to touch, but not extreme enough for me to be overly concerned. The weirdest part, whenever I stick a finger into my belly button (which I often do on the random days i feel pain), I notice that it really smells awful. Like a belly button might smell if you don't shower for months! about 7 years ago I had an appendectomy. The surgery was done through the belly button, and I made a speedy recovery. After the surgery, and the healing process, my belly button had a changed appearance, but after a few years I either got used to it and can't remember what it used to look like, or maybe it's returned to almost normal appearance now. But I never felt pain in those 7 years, so I find it hard to believe that it has to do with my surgery. A couple times, when my shirt was off and my dogs were around, they stuck their noses right over my belly button and smelled it! they know it smells abnormal.. If they could speak I'm sure they could tell me what was up. But since they don't speak, I was hoping someone out their could shed light? Similar experiences anyone? The smelly/sore bellybutton seems to be independent of my diet and supplement habits. (I rarely take supplements except for occasional Vit. C, multi vitamin, and some grasses/weeds/algae mix). I don't smoke/drink, and am really fit. This is not something that is on the surface of my abdomen, I have the distinct feeling that the source of this abnormality is deeper within my body. Thanks in advance.


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Oct 16, 2007
Some possibilities, pain caused by umbilical hernia, a fungal infection in the belly button, some other kind of infection - the smell likely indicates some type of infection

is the pain surface or really deep?
I would try putting Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract in it if you think it could be an infection