Trying to find info again about a movement in the 1800s involving winter exposure to cold, maybe from Germany?


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Feb 6, 2019
I'm having trouble finding information about a man who I think was from Germany, or maybe Russia, in the 1800s, who advocated being in nature, including with minimal clothes in the winter, as a treatment for a variety of diseases. I remember seeing a picture of the guy standing outside in the winter with no shirt on, and he had a grey beard.
I tried searching mixtures of "nature cure", "cold", "winter", "1800s", "naturopathy", "naturopathic", "Germany", "Russia", "thermogenesis".. the closest thing that comes up is Sebastian Kneipp, but I don't think that's who I'm thinking of because I'm not finding the picture I remember mentioned above and I think I remember an emphasis on being outside exposed to the cold in winter that doesn't seem to match with Kneipp.
If anyone knows his name or the exact name of the movement, please post. Thank you