The ZIKA Breach of Public Trust


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
Interesting information involving the new ZIKA scare and the deception and money behind it all. :evil:

We trust major healthcare organizations to hold our well-being in the highest regard, but with bogus claims of epidemics becoming commonplace, it's clear that their real interest is in the dollar as usual.

Dr. Fauci’s sky-is-falling rhetoric has masked microcephaly being embedded in Pakistan society for more than 170 years, with not a single Zika-carrying mosquito ever landing within its borders.

The “rat people,” as locals call them for their shrunken heads and protruding noses and faces, are carried around by bands of beggars from one village to the next as good fortune mascots to raise money.

Zika, which came from the Zika Forest of Uganda in 1947, has lived a different and separate history from microcephaly.

The first scientific paper on microcephaly was published in 1892, when artist Paul Gauguin embarked on his first sail to Tahiti, while the first studies on Zika were written when the first hydrogen bomb detonated over Bikini Atoll in 1953. Thus, the disease and the virus have lived two separate lives, as if on two different planets.

In microcephaly, babies with small heads have existed in the United States for decades, while the latter has muddled around as a mild disease, lost for more than half a century until it reappeared in Micronesia (Zika Type II “Tahiti strain”) less than a decade ago.

Without any of this being reported by the health agencies or in the mainstream press, how would anyone know that Zika had never caused microcephaly in the past? And why is it suddenly causing it now?

That question along with incomplete science hijacked by political forces to extract some $2 billion in funding from Americans, most of which would go to vaccine R&D for a shot that no one might need—since it’s “super premature” to know if Zika causes any birth defects, according to one front-line, international scientist studying the virus in a field lab in the “ground zero” of northeast Brazil.

That scientist, a scientist who prefers to remain anonymous because of the highly politicized context in which Zika research is being carried out, also said “there is no concrete evidence that Zika causes microcephaly,” and that there is “no pandemic on the horizon.”