The True Cure


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Dec 19, 2018
We read in The Little Flowers of St. Francis how St. Francis washed and healed a leper – “and even as the flesh began to heal, the soul began to heal also.” All healing, all treatment must be directed towards much more than the so called cure of the person’s symptoms or illness. The cure must always be directed towards the soul, because it is a disharmony in the soul which ultimately manifests itself as the illness.

Merely “curing” the illness, while it may well relieve the patient’s pain and may even prolong his life, is of no real value if the lesion in the soul is not healed. If the alienation from God remains, a physical cure is only that – a cure of the physical – and nothing more. Thus, when a doctor approaches a patient he must think not only of the mechanics of the physical cure, but also of the necessity of aiding the person in healing his spirit.

This cannot be learned in medical school, it is not in the medical textbooks, nor does it qualify as a diagnosis for insurance companies. But it is what really matters. And it comes from a deep and intense love in the heart of the one assisting his fellow man to re-establish his harmonious relationship with God.


Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
I add another O and call my healing GOOD.

I'm 80 and working so hard to not keep a lot of anger that I have due to major complications from a couple surgeries in my life. Lots of nerve damage and 5 or more complications from hip replacement MESS.

And believe my sister was so drugged for the MS she was challenged with and she's gone and I believe too many drugs from the "great" doctors.