The Smarter Science of Slim


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May 25, 2009

The Smarter Science of Slim Trailer (With Jonathan Bailor)

Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss.
The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and corporate sales hype that have fueled the current obesity epidemic.
More than any other author in this new century, Bailor has separated scientific fact from weight loss fiction... to deliver a proven, permanent and easy-to-implement fat loss solution.
Based on clinically proven research... not trendy opinions... Bailor uses biology and common sense to bring reason to the topic of diet, exercise and weight loss.


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Oct 23, 2010
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Dr. Atkins doesn't have you count calories either if you're eating his very low carbohydrate program. The body must be more in tune with when to stop eating so you don't end up consuming more calories than the body can use. That's my guess anyway. Certainly excess calories that the body doesn't burn as fuel does matter when all is said and done.