The Return of the Nephelim


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Chuck Missler is a Naval academy graduate and former Branch Chief of the Dept. of Guided Missiles, and has had a remarkable 30-year executive career. He served on the Board of Directors of 12 public companies and was CEO of 6 of them. He is now a respected Christian teacher and Bible scholar.
Here in this 2 hour video he discusses UFO's, abductions,government cover ups and what the Bible has to say about the purpose of UFO's and their origins.



Standing at the Portal
In regard to the Nephilim, in other circles these are known as the Dark Lords, or those UFO entities who are in battle with the Lords of Light, those UFO entities who would do no harm to man kind and who have endeavored to protect our seed and our existence over the ages.

It is a battle of genetics, it is a battle of control.

Although the Missler work goes into a rather christian viewpoint, which is good, as it will bring Christians along into what is happening to a degree, I think it lacks the input of very important other perspectives.

As above so below.


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