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The Healing Power of Therapeutic-Quality Fulvic Acid


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Jan 27, 2018
For well over a decade, I suffered from a severe skin condition on my hands. They would itch, become inflamed, and swell. Then my fingers would crack and bleed, resembling a corroded battery terminal. It was very painful, looked horrifying at its worst state, and made my life miserable.

I never considered using pharmaceutical drugs since drugs never really cure anyone of anything. Drugs never address the root cause of a condition and only focus on manipulating symptoms and the physiology of the body. Furthermore, the unwanted side effects are often worse than the condition being treated.

I did not know if I had eczema, or psoriasis, or whether it was caused by parasites or a fungal infection. All I knew is that I wanted it out of my life for good. But regardless of how many thousands of dollars I spent on natural and non-toxic remedies and supplements, I could never entirely get rid of it.

After hearing so many positive things about a natural healing remedy called fulvic acid—which is the final product from the microbial decomposition of organic material—I tried about a half-dozen different brands including a few of the popular ones that consistently appear at the top of Internet searches, but saw zero improvement.

Several of these fulvic products were extracted from the humic deposit in northwestern New Mexico in the USA, which is touted as being the “best” fulvic source in the world. However, when it was tested for fulvic content it was actually quite low.

In 2015, I decided to try yet another fulvic product despite my previous disappointing experiences, even though I did not have very high expectations. The company selling it claimed their fulvic product was superior to competing products based on two crucial factors.

First, the source of the unique leonardite shale comes from a rare deposit which is one of only two in the world. It is located in a remote and pristine environment so the shale is uncontaminated and it has a high concentration and quality of fulvic.

Second, the extraction is done using a patented, chemical-free process. Most fulvic is extracted using toxic chemicals or a simple water extraction, but both methods yield very low fulvic content regardless of marketing claims to the contrary.

After just six weeks from the time I began adding this ultra-concentrated fulvic product to my daily regimen and taking it internally (at the amount recommended on the label), my skin condition was totally healed. I could hardly believe my eyes because it was not 90 or 95 percent gone, it was as though I had never had this skin condition before.

This proved to me that not all fulvic products are equal. It also proved that it was solely responsible for my healing because on several occasions when I only ran out of this fulvic, my symptoms began to return. But once I resumed my daily intake of it, the symptoms completely cleared up again.

In addition, my allergy symptoms were significantly reduced. And my wife, who is a marathon runner, experienced much greater performance and endurance, plus her menstrual cramping and excruciating sinus pressure disappeared after she began consuming this same fulvic product.

Another person who had a life-changing experience was a client of my wife who has epilepsy and chronic fatigue syndrome. Within weeks after starting this particular fulvic, all of the multiple smaller seizures she had daily—that her anti-seizure medication does not help with—ceased, and her chronic fatigue symptoms were reversed. She was no longer a recluse and literally had a new lease on life.

Several months later, she ran out of this fulvic product and purchased a different brand, thinking it would produce the same therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, the symptoms soon returned and she became bedridden again. Once she got more of this particular fulvic, her symptoms abated. Now she never wants to be without it again because of the remarkable difference it has made.

And neither do I. I have no doubt that this phenomenal dietary supplement will enhance anyone’s wellbeing by supporting the body’s innate ability to regenerate itself and guard against sickness, disease, and premature aging. It even helps plants and animals thrive as well.

Due to my keen interest in natural health, longevity, and anti-aging for over three decades, I have tried and reviewed hundreds of dietary supplements and the vast majority are a waste of money. However, if I was ever restricted to only using one supplement for the rest of my life, this is the one I would choose without hesitation.

I sincerely hope my story will inspire others who have been searching for a natural solution to their long-standing health issues to never give up because the answer is available to those who believe and search for it.


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Feb 23, 2021
Thank you proudtulsan for letting the community know. I'd like to try some. Can you PM me the brand or mention it here please? My e-mail is info@healthyself.fit if you'd prefer to e-mail me. Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2021
I too have been exploring Fulvic acid in a product that comes from a peat bog. For me, I really dont have any significant health issues to test it again but I have noticed some of the aging spots on the back of my hands being eliminated. Are we not permitted to tell product names on this forum anymore? I've collected up some incredible testimonials with pictures but it does mention the product name. Its also amazing for eliminating parasites. People who start taking this stuff dump parasites like crazy. Meanwhile here are some research links on fulvic acid.
*Fulvic Acid Research links*: https://herbalandalternativemedicineuncensored.com/2021/07/25/fulvic-humic-acid-articles-and-research-links/?fbclid=IwAR0d2k78IGSY37Dnc-HTm47dJZxWVzfh8VRXvBTbCvsYoU-cAAn8v966z_M