The Dark Side of Smart Meters


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Jul 18, 2008
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This is a piece from another forum about the hazards of the new Smart Meters that will be fitted to every home eventually as the Smart Grid is rolled out across this country and other countries, such as the UK,
who seem to think its a good idea as well.


These meters are part of the Smart Grid which is supposed to monitor gas and electrical energy consuming appliance in individual homes and transmit the data back to the power company via an RF transmitter in the meter.

The RF transmitters are cell phones transmitting at 900 MHz pulsed, same as
cell phones. Eventually, every appliance and electronic device will
have an RF transmitter. (There are already refrigerators and water
heaters so equipped on the market.) The average home will have 15 such
"cell phones" transmitting pulsed 900 MHz radiation 24/7. That is the
Smart Grid.

Research shows that the RF radiation emitted by Smart Meters causes
oxidative stress and injury in the brain, liver, lungs, heart, and
testes. It has also been shown to damage the blood-brain barrier
allowing viruses, bacteria and toxins easier access to the brain.
Furthermore, it increases nitric oxide and depletes glutathione, which
is a critical antioxdant. Obviously, this will make MCS, CFS, FM, EMFS,
etc. worse.

They also produce dirty electricity, which has been shown to be a

Gen Physiol Biophys. 2011 Mar;30(1):84-9.

900 MHz pulse-modulated radiofrequency radiation induces oxidative
stress on heart, lung, testis and liver tissues.

Esmekaya MA, Ozer C, Seyhan N.


Department of Biophysics, Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, 06510
Besevler, Ankara, Turkey. mericarda@...


Oxidative stress may affect many cellular and physiological processes
including gene expression, cell growth, and cell death.

In the recent study, we aimed to investigate whether 900 MHz pulse-modulated
radiofrequency (RF) fields induce oxidative damage on lung, heart and
liver tissues. We assessed oxidative damage by investigating lipid
peroxidation (malondialdehyde, MDA), nitric oxide (NOx) and glutathione
(GSH) levels which are the indicators of tissue toxicity. A total of 30
male Wistar albino rats were used in this study. Rats were divided
randomly into three groups; control group (n = 10), sham group (device
off, n = 10) and 900 MHz pulsed-modulated RF radiation group (n = 10).
The RF rats were exposed to 900 MHz pulsed modulated RF radiation at a
specific absorption rate (SAR) level of 1.20 W/kg 20 min/day for three
weeks. MDA and NOx levels were increased significantly in liver, lung,
testis and heart tissues of the exposed group compared to sham and
control groups (p < 0.05). Conversely GSH levels were significantly
lower in exposed rat tissues (p < 0.05). No significantly difference was
observed between sham and control groups. Results of our study showed
that pulse-modulated RF radiation causes oxidative injury in liver,
lung, testis and heart tissues mediated by lipid peroxidation, increased
level of NOx and suppression of antioxidant defense mechanism.

PMID: 21460416 [PubMed - indexed

The Smart Meters RF is 10 times stronger than a nearby cellphone mast attenna in this video.

For the full technical explanation of the dark side of Smart meters.


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Jul 18, 2008
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California Recall-Beginning of the End for Smart Meters?

Eventually every user of electricity in the US and Britain will have a Smart Meter installed and be subject to high levels of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation, which is the same microwave frequency as mobile phones. This frequency is so powerful it will radiate through walls throughout the house and occupants will be subject to these high RF radiations 24/7. Unless people say they dont want one and stick with the existing analogue meters, you will be forced to accept the new Smart Meter.

PG&E BEGINS REMOVING 'SMART' METERS DUE TO HEALTH EFFECTS ... Widening Call for Immediate Return of Analogs; Disconnection of "Mesh" Wireless Network. SANTA CRUZ, CA—Just as PG&E enters the final phase of its deployment of wireless "smart" meters in California, the largest of the state's Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) has reversed course, quietly beginning to replace the 'smart' meters of those reporting health impacts with the old trusty analog version. Consumer rights and health groups immediately seized on the news, demanding that millions of Californians unhappy with their new wireless meters get their analogs returned immediately at no cost. 'Smart' meters are new wireless utility meters being installed as part of the "smart" grid initiative, spearheaded by technology firms and backed by the Obama administration and the Department of Energy. Promises ranging from lower utility bills to enhanced renewable generation capacity have failed to materialize, with widespread reports of higher bills, privacy violations, fires and explosions, and commonly reported health impacts such as headaches, nausea, tinnitus, and heart problems associated with powerful wireless transmissions. – Press release from

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Apr 11, 2006
In addition to the health concerns with these meters anyone with access to their data (such as the government) can monitor just about everything you are doing. By the power usage they can tell if you are home or not, asleep or having a party, watching TV. Also if it is determined that you are using too much electricity that could signal a visit from the “authorities” to check to see if you are running a business from your home and need to pay a business tax or perhaps you are growing some strange plants for medicinal purposes.

And in summer if it is deemed that your AC is using too much power and they are having a shortage, rather then build a new power plant, they can remotely turn off your AC to help balance the load. Natural you will have to pay more for this the now scarce electricity.


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Jul 18, 2008
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Oct 23, 2010
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I've tried to get my smart meter removed to no avail. This was about 9 months ago. Thanks for this article as it has inspired me to get back on the horse to get this meter replaced with the analog form.


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Apr 5, 2009
smart meters

This gal was on the radio last night, telling her story about being arrested because she refused to let them install a wireless smart meter at her home.

She had her gate locked with a bicycle lock, and the electric company worker arrived at her house with the police and cut the lock. She was cuffed and arrested for interfering with the police.

She said that she's rather have no electricity service at all, and they said that wasn't an option. The only option was to get the analog model which does the same thing, only wired. And that would cost her a $25 per month service charge.

Here's her site against smart meters, and the story.