Sunspot aligning with Earth


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
Look out below! Yes, that means you.

NASA and the National Science Foundation has estimated that if the U.S. sustained a direct hit from an X-class flare, it would cost the nation upward of $2 trillion in the first year and kill up to 90 percent of the U.S. population due to the lack of services, starvation and disease.



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Nov 29, 2013
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Interesting it just might be another scare technique to keep us worried to lower our immune system. There is always a chance that these things can happen and to be reminded on a regular bases seems strange. You should be as prepared as you can for any situation. Maybe it might be a blessing the world will have a common problem and maybe they will stop killing each other and get along.

Solstice Goat

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Aug 7, 2012
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We're starting to pay attention, excelent!

Goodbye Sunspots? - Hello Ice Age
15 Sep 10 - According to an article today in Science, the magnetic
field strength of sunspots appears to be waning. If the trend continues,
the sun may become spotless by 2016 and remain that way for decades.
A similar dearth of sunspots in the 17th century coincided with a
prolonged period of cooling on Earth (the Little Ice Age).
See Goodbye Sunspots? - Hello Ice Age