Sleeping naked during a fast

Ahsan Jilani

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Respected Sir/Madam,
There are a couple more things I wanted to ask you.

1. I'm sure you must be aware of a lymphatic drainage massage. It helps increase the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body. So if I do this before a fast I think thing this may help reduce the temperature of fevers that occur as the lymph fluid is already flowing quickly hence the body need not raise it's temperature for the same purpose, thereby, reducing the rise in temperature. Will this work?

2. I also wanted to ask you about sleeping naked during a water fast as I know you've already done it. If you research on sleeping naked you'll find it's considered beneficial for health and it lowers the body temperature during sleep hence, I feel it may be particularly useful during fevers that occur during a water fast.

3. Another issue is death while sleeping. I'm afraid that let's say my temperature is 103° F before sleeping.

Case 1: Normally the temperature drops during sleep is the same true in the case of fever. Or should I take medicine to stop it as it may rise and thus kill me.

Case 2: If I stay naked in bed all day and sleep that way too then is there a chance that my fever may because of me being uncovered forcing the body to raise it's temperature more in order to function properly or The same may happen while I sleep naked and I may die while sleeping due to the fever? Or will drop while resting and sleeping just like when I don't have fever?

Are you a qualified medical practitioner too if not can you give me the instagram profile link/contact/email etc. of the person you consulted before going nude on the fast.* I shall wait eagerly in anticipation of your prompt and positive response.

Thanking you
Nupur Mehta