Sick over the weekend


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Feb 8, 2010
Got pretty sick yesterday.. dunno if it was food poisoning or a stomach bug..

I ate some yogurt at a restaurant, not ice cream type yogurt, like greek/indian style yogurt.. I normally dont eat cows dairy products..

20 minutes after eating it I had the runs.. but otherwise felt ok.. had a snack a while later and then dinner.. felt fine all night, then drank a glass of warm raw goats milk before bed (I do that most nights)

Woke up at like 2 AM really hot and nauseous .. tried to forget about it and go to sleep but couldn't ignore the nausea .. ended up throwing up all night/morning.. threw up all the food in my stomach then threw up a fair amount of bile (yellow stuff)..

For some reason ever since I was little, when I DO get sick, my body really goes for it.. I usually end up throwing up bile, which I read isnt always normal?

Does it mean anything that I threw up a fair amount of bile? I know bile helps digest food.. presumably my body will just make more bile right? I also got pretty dehydrated.. thankfully I feel better now so im beginning the rebuilding process..


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Oct 16, 2007
I does not mean anything particular that you threw up bile. Only that your stomach was empty of food and all that was around was bile to come up.