Shut up Mike


Oct 9, 2017
Mike likes to think he is an enlightened wise man and everyone needs his knowledge. The reality of the situation is that he's really a stupid idiot whose opinions are totally wacked and his views are discombobulated. So shut up Mike and tell us Janet's view. O.K. fine. For all my fans and all my friends at this wonderful place called NatMedTalk this one is for you babies. Janet is an extremely extroverted opinionater. She is always giving everyone her view. She tells the Hare Krishnas karma doesn't effect reincarnation. She tells the Muslims Mohammad isn't Allah's prophet. She tells the Christians people don't believe their b.s. cuz they falsely accused Joan of Arc of being a witch and they tortured her while they killed her. She doesn't stop there. She is like the ever ready bunny. She just keeps going and going and going. She continues. God made things like legs and wings so bucks could walk around in the forest and ducks could fly over a pond. Bucks and ducks are satisfied with the things God made. People on the other hand are not satisfied with the things God makes. So they decided to make their own things like buicks and buggies and boats. Then they boast that they are better and smarter than the animals. They then have to work in a factory and that is not any fun. They have to pay bills and do repair work and that certainly isn't any fun. Neither is poisoning themselves and the environment from the pollution. They disillusion themselves. They are not smart. They are not good. They are not having any fun. Mike hopes you had fun seeing her view and he hopes her opinions cheer you up as much as they do him.