SALT - The Bad vs Himalayan vs Sea vs Real


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PinBallSuperMan is right. It's all about bad sodium vs natural sodium/salt. (refined vs unrefined)
Processed is 99% what you find in fast food restaurants; practically all their items are FULL of the bad sodium. From here on, I'll say just salt - bad salt vs (natural) good salt.
Those processed foods, hotdogs, bacon, etc are full of bad salt. The cheap salts you buy at the grocery store, most with the little girl and her umbrella, are the bad salts. All the bad salts are quite refined.
Doug mentioned the Japanese. They eat lots of salt, around 4700mg a day, average, some take in 8g to 12g, but it's good natural salt. And they have very low rates of heart attks. (but they may have a problem with strokes.) They probably DO eat much more potassium, which keeps a good balance with salt. So we should up our potassium, at least 4700mg a day plus make sure we get enough iodine)

So. Any bad salt you should avoid.(but that's the kind most Americans get) The good salt is Himalayan, Sea Salt and Real Salt. (I've read avoid Dead Sea Salt, too many bad chemicals.)

From what I've read, Himalayan Pink Salt and Sea Salt run very close to being near the top; some give Himalayan Salt a slight edge because it supposedly has more potassium in it and more trace minerals in it; plus it really does taste much better than sea salt. Some give Real Salt, just the brand name I think from Utah, the top spot. It is supposedly from and ancient sea in Utah and has as many trace minerals as H. salt. Most rave on and on about the better taste of this unrefined ancient salt.

I currently use Himalayan Pink Salt and will order a small shaker of the Real Salt.

If you intake any of these three salts, then anywhere from 2500mg to 3000mg is probably okay and good. ( One Dr Mercola actually recommends 6000+mg. (as does the United Kingdom) He also says the 90% of co's today are actually refining their sea salt, to take chemicals out. Another reason to go with Himalayan or Real Salt. He says Himalayan salt is mined very deep in the earth and is about 250 million years old and unspoiled from todays chemicals.
A Japanese doctor says “A small amount of salt (less than 3,000 milligrams a day) is necessary for us, but excessive salt is dangerous,” Dr. Tomonori Sugiura of Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Japan. )

I'm going to up mine to 3000mg for awhile and see how it goes.

Not many books on salt - the best seems to be Dr. Brownstein's - Salt Your Way to Health.
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I like Celtic Sea Salt - "The Original Brand" - when I can find it. It is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, whole salt packed full of naturally occurring, essential minerals. Absolutely no additives or anything removed from the salt that would alter it. It has been around since 1976.

Himalayan is at the top of my list though. The pink, in the salt, is copper.

I mostly use Real Salt for the price, quality, and taste.


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I read parts of 3 books yesterday and all said that the ideal amount of good salt is from 3000mg to 6000mg. Confirms the first post. (you can't count the bad salt in that though)

I didn't know what a miracle mineral good salt is. It, Mg and Potassium, I'd been low on for many, many years, mostly causing high BP and fast heart beat.

Good salt will help
1 helps regulate the electrical signals in the body
2 lowers and stabilizes blood pressure and heartbeat
3 helps clear sinus infections
4 improves blood circulation and lymph circulation and relaxes muscles
5 balances body Ph to a good alkaline level - if your body goes acid, a
multitude of diseases come in
6 reduces cramps and helps with insomnia
7 improves bone strength and boosts energy levels
8 helps with brain functions
9 promotes healthy blood sugar
10 can enhance libido as well as immune function
11 swishing a mix in water in your mouth, kills gingivitis and stops gum
12 reduces signs of aging and helps with acne
13 helps eliminate toxins from cells
14 helps stimulate digestive enzymes
15 reduces or eliminates heartburn

Truly a miracle mineral! Real Salt and Himaylayan Pink Salt, both older than the oldest dinosaurs and untouched, unrefined and unspoiled by todays chemicals.

Here's a photo of a Himalayan Salt mine - you could just lick the walls.