Reducing redness in face


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Jan 15, 2018
I have a question about redness.
I have pretty good skin although it's not perfect and I have some acne and redness but what especially bothers me is my red nose and area (on both sides and under the nose) around it.
It's not super intense red, I am pretty sure I don't have rosacea, but it's red and especially when it's cold or chilly my nose gets even redder very quickly. I don't know if this is normal or some kind of condition to be honest but no one has ever commented on it so I don't think that it's serious enough to be something that needs treatment but i'd still like to get rid of it somehow.

I've heard that ecological honey is supposed to be good for the skin, I wonder if that could help reduce redness as well or is something else more helpful for that? I don't have a lot of money (i'm a student) so nothing too pricey please. :thanks:


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Sep 5, 2018
I read this forum, the skin redness is a significant problem for skin, cleansing the affected area with soap and water. Taking medications like antihistamines to minimize irritation. Ask your health care provider if your skin condition may be contagious and what steps you can take to prevent its spread. This can ensure that you don’t pass on the skin redness to someone else.