Reducing fibroids without surgery


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Mar 24, 2016
I have a 14 cm fibroid about 80% on top of my uterus and 20% inside. My standard obg said the only surgery that would work would be a hysterectomy. But I'd keep my ovaries. She said 3 days in hospital, 6 weeks recovery.

I know there are several ways to remove them. I hoped for a vaginal myomectomy but I didn't know the fibroid was partially and mostly outside the uterus.
I've read of women who had large fibroids using natural methods, eg whole foods diet, curcumin, castor oil packs, balancing hormones w/bio-id, minerals, etc. and they shrunk. Of course, main stream docs aren't interested in health, just big pharma and surgery.
One of my holistic docs thinks I'm estrogen dominant. But since none of my previous regular obg's caught it, I grew this damn thing. It so pisses me off.

Anyway, what have been your methods to help w/reducing size?