question about antibiotics


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Nov 8, 2011
Guatemala (although currently in the states)
Last week I had four wisdom teeth extracted. It has been 5 years since I've taken any medications or antibiotics. My immune system was very strong and healthy. I listened to my mother, who is a nurse, and began taking Amoxicillin, which was what was prescribed. I must admit I am quite ignorant when it comes to western medicine. I believe I am beginning to have an ear infection as well. I feel as though my body is getting weaker the longer I take this medicine. I have been told I must finish the dosage. Is there any way around this? Is this medication very strong? The last time I took antibiotics, it was as though I had to start all over with building my immune system. The first few months, it seemed as though I was constantly sick. I am about to return to Guatemala within the next couple of weeks and don't want to have a weak immune system. I have been eating yogurt, keifer, and anything else with probiotics I can get my hands on. Is it dangerous to stop taking the antibiotics? Is there anything else I can do? If not, what can I do to save my immune system? Thanks


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Dec 3, 2007
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Yes. It is dangerous to stop taking antibiotics before you finish the cycle. Theory is that it and other antibacterials can cause superbugs if any of the bacteria remain. However, amoxicillin has dangerous side effects too. One of the side effects to it and most other antibaterials is more outbreaks of yeast infections and oral thrush. That is a result of the antibacterials destroying your friendly bacteria, whose responsibility is to keep the yeast/fungi in check.

So be sure to take probiotic supplements to replenish your friendly gut environment as soon as possible.


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Oct 16, 2007
Go get a real qualtiy probiotic today. take at least 25 billion live organisms two times a day. Also start on Vitamin D3 10,000 IU daily for 3 weeks then decrease to 5,000 daily forever. Get a good multi B vitamin. Antibiotics wipe out your B reserves when they wipe out your intestinal flora. Eat lots of vegetable salads. Don't pick up any weird bugs in Guatemala. Get some MMS and wash all your veggies with it when you are down there.

search mms water purification and you will find it. Put it into 2 four ounce bottles so you can get it on the plane. read about it here as soon as you put it in the water wash your veggies.


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Oct 1, 2007
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I would take colloidal silver instead of any antibiotic.

the silver could be taken internally as well as a mouthwash/rinse.

Since you have taken an antibiotic, you will now need to replace the good gut bacteria by taking a good probiotic daily, forever.