Prostatitis anxiety causes temper lose, how to relieve?


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I have thought that prostatitis is just a bothering disease leads to urinary frequency and urgency, but it seems that this disease will cause more problems to patients than I have imaged such as mental disorders.

My brother has been suffered from chronic pelvic pain syndrome for four years, he tried all kinds of antibiotics for his disease without curing it, and now, he is losing control to his temper, he always feels anxious, depressed and so on. He cannot sleep for a whole night, what can he do for this anxiety and his chronic pelvic pain syndrome?


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You and your brother must know that antibiotics are not helpful for chronic prostatitis as this prostatitis is not caused by bacterial infection, herbal medicine is more suitable for chronic diseases, it can take longer effects than other medicines, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a herbal medicine that specializes in curing male's urology and reproductive system diseases, can cure his chronic prostatitis thoroughly without secondary recurrence.