progressives advice


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Sep 22, 2006
I am hoping for some progressives lens advice. My previous prescription was:

Sphere / Cyl / Axis / Add
PL / -.50 / 101 / +1.00
+.50 / -1.25 / 087 / +1.00

My NEW prescription is:
PL / -0.75 / 101 / +1.50
+0.25 / -1.25 / 087 /+1.50

I have always used Varilux Comfort lenses and loved them. This time I have gone with a narrower frame (28mm) so I have gone with the Essilor Ovation which has a fitting height if 17mm (according to their website) and I am told the optician fitted mine at 16mm. I have had the new glasses one month and I am having the following troubles:

1/ Things at about 12 inches away are clear but only in a very small area of the lens.
2/ Twelve inches to two feet range it is hard to get a really sharp view.
3/ My computer screen is 30 inches away and this is okay but I have to look through the very top of the lens to get it sharp
4/ Middle distances in a room are not great because it is hard to find the best spot in the lenses.

The fitting has been checked and double checked and it is correct – although I was told they are fitted at 16mm. I had my prescription re-checked and the ophthalmologist said it was exactly right. I thought I may have been given too much plus (this happened once before to me) but she says no this is what I need.

I am not sure what the problem is:

Could there be too much plus?
Is the combination of the narrower corridor, the 16 fitting height (instead of 17), the limitations of polycarbonate, all adding up to a lens that is problematic for me?

And I am not sure the solution and I am considering trying the Essilor Elipse or trying a non-polycarbonate maybe something by Nikon or maybe the Ziez Brevity. Any thoughts on these or other options?