Pau de Arco Cancer Testimonials


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Oct 16, 2007

and further info including studies

this article gets into more of its uses and its reported to be highly effective in Candida infections. For best effects in all conditions it should be taken in a tea form using the natural unprocessed bark.

The original letter that tweeked my interest in the tea was written in February of 1991. My life long friend in El Cajon, California showed me this letter from his childhood teacher living in Rock Springs, Wyoming, written a year after her start in taking Pau D'Arco tea:

1. Dorothy Conley: Rock Springs, Wyoming
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for "You". I have planned this surprise for sometime because I had longed to write you for so long...
... So now I want you to know I am sending my love and deepest appreciation for the special way you have touched me in my hour of need.
When a Dr. (4 Drs.opinions) sends you home to die and say can have as little as one week to live, our priorities begin to spin! My 1st challenge was acceptance followed by an attitude and faith (in big doses)...
...Our priorities begin to juggle around real fast and the important things in life are our relationship with the Lord, our family & friends. These are truly God's richest blessings. I hope that I have become a better person because of my experience and your help through the "Big C" struggle.
I try to "Reach Out" daily to cheer or find someone hurting and hoping to make up in my small way what others have given to me, as you carried me through the lonely days.
I don't have time & I am too happy to dwell on the bad days. The million blessings easily overpower. These come from you, my pastor, and the Pau D'Arco Tea which has been regularly shipped free from my dear friend Earl Anderson. What a friend!
"Today" -I feel great!- I have been given 365 days with 24 hours in each to use as I will. I don't know about tomorrow as none of us do, but today is GOOD!
I have been asked to talk to High School Group and I will teach them to pray, forgive & love and to "Fight for a Miracle" because we never walk alone.

[SIZE=-1]In 1994, Dorothy Conley, with her son and daughter, drove from Rock Springs to El Cajon to thank Mr. Anderson in person ...for saving her life...[/SIZE]

2. Wally Nilson: El Cariso Village, California
[SIZE=-1]This is the story of Wally, my neighbor, who lives over the hill near my residence in El Cariso Village:[/SIZE]
Several years ago I noticed my absentee neighbor, Marcel, was sitting up by his barn on the property next to mine. He was sitting with a friend enjoying the sunny day and chatting with his long time acquaintance. I drove up the road to say "Hello" as I always did when I saw him on his infrequent visits to the undeveloped property that he purchased many years ago. He was sitting with Wally, our neighbor, who has operated his heavy equipement business for too many years to recall. I knew Wally and had used his services to clear portions of my property from time to time. I was shocked to see Wally in the decimated condition that he was. It was obvious to me that Wally was near death. He had been diagnosed to die within four months.
I immediately rushed back to my house where I always keep a few pounds of Pau D'Arco Tea and gave a pound to Wally, with instructions on where to buy some more from the "Mom & Pop" business in Los Angeles.
One day, about three months later, I listened to a message from Wally on my telephone recorder. Wally stated "Hey Rog, I just wanted to thank you for the tea. I couldn't drink much everyday because most of my digestive system had been removed as the result of my cancer. I drank as much as I could and now there is nothing wrong with me. The cancer is completely gone!"

[SIZE=-1]Wally is now an enthusiastic supporter of Pau D'Arco Tea and is never without his bottle of Pau D'Arco and Green tea.[/SIZE]

3. Damon Waitley: Kailua Kona, Hawaii
[SIZE=-1]This is the story of one of my best friends. Our careers as pilots with the airlines started in early 1968:[/SIZE]
Approximately two years ago my good buddy, Damon, had told me that he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his prostate gland. This was not too surprising since the ailment had a history in his family. His father had it as well as his older brother.
Damon was interested in using Pau D'Arco Tea to see if it had an effect on his malady. I gave him some of the tea and he drank it daily as suggested. When the biopsy was performed he had a PSA count (a preliminary procedure to analyze a potential problem in the prostate) of 8.6 indicating that he had a serious problem with his prostate.
Damon called me approximately 2 1/2 months later to tell me of the results of drinking the tea. His PSA count had dropped from 8.6 to a count of 0.8! I've never heard of a PSA count that low!
The operation (removal of his prostate gland) was scheduled within days. I begged him to postpone the operation since it was so intrusive and with no recourse. His wife and doctor ($$$) were putting pressure on him to proceed as scheduled.
[SIZE=-1]Damon has always been influenced by the people around him. He is a true romantic. He loves people and wants to please them in any fashion. This was his downfall...[/SIZE]
The operation proceeded as scheduled. Damon called me shortly thereafter and told me of his experience. He stated "Rog, that was the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life. I regreted the decision the day after I was operated on. Now, I have to live with that decision the rest of my life."

[SIZE=-1]Damon is now minus one wife...[/SIZE]

4. Ira Fields: Los Angeles, California
[SIZE=-1]This is a letter written in 1994 by the lady that used to sell Pau d'Arco tea from her home in Los Angeles. Ira and her husband operated the business for over 10 years. It was a very small enterprise with no advertising and had a very small volume of business:[/SIZE]
My classmates sister in Chicago had a bad case of Breast Cancer. She had endured chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Her lungs were scarred since radiation was given on her affected breast. The ulcer was so large at that area that you could almost put your fist into that hole and had so much pus draining, it caused an odor that was extremely repulsive.
As frequently as I could, I mailed the Pau d'Arco tea that I made over at the store. It took almost 6 months for the ulcer to heal. The doctor kept asking her what she was doing to make it heal, but she wouldn't tell him that she was drinking the Pau d'Arco tea that I made for her. (That ulcer was not suppose to heal - Cancer)
She returned to work as a nurses aide at the hospital emergency room. (Chicago has severe weather) She later caught a cold which turned into pneumonia which killed her. The autopsy showed NO trace of cancer cells.
Although a registered nurse, she wouldn't admit that she took the herbal tea to heal her breast cancer ulcer.

[SIZE=-1]God Bless Ira and Roy Fields![/SIZE]

5. Louise Tenney: A Trilogy
[SIZE=-1]This is three testimonials taken from an old publication called "Pau d'Arco" written by Louise Tenney which has been widely disseminated. [/SIZE]
One woman in Utah who has been suffering with cancer for over a year, started taking the tea and found relief within a twenty four hour period. She said this was the first time she had felt human in months. She continues to take the tea daily and after several weeks is free from pain. It is too soon to know what benefit it is toward eliminating her cancer, but if she can get relief from her pain without taking drugs I am sure that she will always be grateful.
I spoke to a man in Florida who has used the herb, Pau d'Arco, for several months. He was diagnosed as having prostate cancer and had suffered with it for over a year. He told me that he used the herb for thirteen days and noticed a feeling of well-being, but when he really noticed the benefits of the herb was when he stopped eating white sugar products and started taking vitamins and minerals along with his tea. It was then only fifteen days that he really noticed a change in his health. When I spoke to him in March, 1982 he told me that he was told by his doctors that his cancer is completely gone.
A man from Illinois had suffered from a gum disease called Pyorrhea which caused him a great deal of pain that usually developed into an abscess which meant a trip to the dentist where he lanced and drained the abscess and put him on antibiotics. He was really worried because Pyorrhea ends up in loose teeth which usually ends up having to pull the teeth. This man came across Pau d'Arco in November, 1981 and after using it for twenty-four hours found amazing results. The pain subsided, the swelling went down and the pus pocket was gone. He was then convinced of the value of Pau d'Arco and was no doubt thrilled to have been able to save his teeth.

6. Diane Z...: Fredericksburg, Virginia
[SIZE=-1]This is a recent E-mail that I received from a customer that I had sent a free sample to last June. She had ordered another five pounds of Pau d'Arco tea in September without comment.[/SIZE]
It's been about 5 months now and I need to order some more tea. I don't know if you have my credit card number still on file or if you would rather I go through the internet I will. I need another 5 pounds please. Miraculously my husband has been improving each month. Back in Oct. the Dr. told him he was getting weaker each time he saw him and to start making final arrangments. He was determined that wasn't going to happen and he had already been drinking the tea for about 3 weeks. After a couple more weeks, all of a sudden, he started looking and feeling better and each time he goes for an appt., the Dr. expresses how surprised he is that he had fooled them. It's fun to prove Drs. wrong. Everyone we know comments on how much better my husband looks now.
The tumors have shrunk way down. His stomach used to protrude way out and now it's back to normal size. His liver had started to show deterioration and now it's functioning fine. I am truly amazed.
I am so grateful to you for offering such a wonderful product and I thank you and so does my husband. He faithfully drinks the tea and it's such a habit now that he makes his own batch every day and looks forward to having his few cupfuls.
It's reassuring to know there's something out there to try when all else fails.
Bless you,
Diane Z...

7. Leeanne & Roger Buwa: Mishawaka, Indiana</U></B>
[SIZE=-1]This couple have been using the tea for quite a while now. Roger Buwa stuck with his commitment to drinking the tea and his effort paid off with the best results.[/SIZE]
I am writing to let you know Roger went to the doctor today and the doctor examined him and told him he felt no tumor. We are so excited and thankful to you for providing us with the tea. I know the tea helped the tumor to disappear. We got the 2 pounds of tea yesterday. Roger is drinking the 8 glasses a day. I just wanted to write and let you know the tea is working on his prostate cancer. I hope you will use our testimony for other men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The tea is a miracle. Thank you again for helping us celebrate Rogers miracle...
God Bless,
Leeanne and Roger Buwa

8. Roger DeLong: El Cariso Village, California
[SIZE=-1]This my personal experience... [/SIZE]
In early 2000 I became concerned about a sore between my eyes, on the bridge of my nose. The small sore did not heal for over two months and I started to worry. I went to the Cancer Clinic in Las Vegas and a biopsy was performed. The diagnosis was a malignant basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer). I wasn't drinking the Pau d'Arco tea at the time because I thought that I was immune to cancer. There had been no history of anyone in my genetic line having cancer. I was wrong!
I immediately started drinking 3-4 glasses of Pau d'Arco tea every day. The cancer disappeared in exactly two months. I now drink two glasses of the tea each day as a preventative. I have never felt healthier and have no fear of the cancer returning.