Only work out when you’re HUNGRY!


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Only work out when you’re HUNGRY: Going to the gym on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat, Scientists claim that the biggest gains at the gym may happen on a completely empty stomach After eating, the body is too busy responding to the meal consumed - meaning exercise won't arouse excess fat, researchers from the University of Bath claim.

Ron Brown

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The body uses energy for digestion. That energy can be used to build more muscle. Those running distance races should heed this advice. At times in some races runners are advised to carb up with pasta the night before. Big mistake! When running any race event do it on an empty stomach. Even fast a day before the race, the same goes for a work out.
Do it on an empty stomach but nourish the body after a work out with easily digestable protein such as hemp hearts. This will not only feed the muscle but give definition.


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According to MarylandPainSpecialist and other famous pain specialist recommend that you have to workout when you are hungry because your hunger hormones are affected by exercise. Psychologically also said that exercise with empty stomach is not dangerous for us. But eating little bit of snack might give some exercisers the energy to work out harder than if they were to try on an empty stomach.