Now on to B12!


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Feb 19, 2011
So, in addition to taking Magnesium, I want to up my dosage of B12. Could anyone be so kind as to tell me is 1000mcg sublingual sufficient, or should I be taking more? I read some people take between 5000mcg-9000mcg, which seems over the top to me, but :confused:

Also, any info on vitamin B3 would be great too. Haven't really done any research on B3 yet (been spending the last ten years researching how much magnesium I need :lol:) but I'd be really appreciative if anybody could save me some time on that.

Thanks :D


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Oct 16, 2007
I am currently taking a 10mg injection once a week as prescribed by a doctor in Mexico. He laughed when I told him the standard injection dosage in the states was 1mg (1000mcg) a month. He thought that was way sub-theraputic... and he is a conventional doctor on hosptial staff... it was the only potency that the pharmacy sold.