Nonbacterial prostatitis treatment choices


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Mar 22, 2018
Nonbacterial prostatitis, the most common form of prostatitis, can be a bothering disease cause pain and anxiety to patients in daily lives, this prostatitis is difficult to be cured and easy to recur.

The certain cause of this prostatitis has not been found, which increases the difficulty in curing this disease, antibiotics and painkiller pills cannot cure this prostatitis thoroughly so that there are many other treatments for nonbacterial prostatitis.

Dietary therapy and assist treatment of prostate massage are in widely used by patients for relieving symptoms.

Is there any other nonbacterial prostatitis treatment?


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Mar 27, 2018
There are several natural treatment for nonbacterial prostatitis that are found to be effective in relieving many of the symptoms of this condition. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is widely considered as a good treatment for prostatitis. This herbal medicine has the effect to alleviate inflammation and relieve painful urination.

One of the best ways of treating prostatitis is making some serious lifestyle changes, especially in one's diet. Foods that are good for prostate health include: cherries, raspberries, red grapes, citrus fruits, and broccoli. Green leafy vegetables are good for health. Tomatoes, watermelons, red grapefruit, papaya and red berries are great sources of lycopene, which also helps support prostate health.

Home remedies for prostatitis also include avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods and following good hygiene practices. Spicy good such as pepper, curry are not allowed. Do not eat too much chocolate, coffee, coke, fried and baked food, which go against eliminating inflammation in prostate.