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Oct 4, 2016
Good morning everyone,

My name is Jerome, I am 45 years old and I have three children.
I am chemist (sorry for that :)) but today I am more a formulator than a chemist. I work for a company which designs speciality ingredients for healh and beauty.
I do a lot of sport, specially mountain biking. At the opposite (bad for the health) I am wine passionate. I do wine tasting course for friends, colleagues, clients...I know a lot on wine...

I came on this forum because I would like to talk not about wine but chrononutrition. For me it is a fantastic and an excellent way to eat almost everyday and be in a good health. We save even more money while eating better.

Quickly the chrononutrition is a diet in which you eat the good ingredients on the right time. You have a lot of benefits every day with this diet. I practice this diet for at least five years and I am a huge fan.

Do you think I can open a topic on that and people will be interested ?

Thanks for your help and let me know what do you think.


D Bergy

Apr 16, 2006
Welcome to the forum.

I guess I would like some info on the topic as it is new to me.