Natural Hair Care


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Apr 5, 2009
Info about the harmful toxic ingredients in some hair care products, their negative effects on our health, and some more natural ways to make the best of your hair...

Hair Naturally

For healthier locks and improved well-being,
make the switch to natural hair care.

October 2013
By Jodi Helmer

Few things inspire such awe and angst as hair.

Our collective obsession with attaining the perfect color, texture and style has led manufacturers to develop tonics and tinctures designed to clean, straighten, curl, color, mold and tame our tresses. Has the quest for perfect ‘do put our health at risk?

Yes, say scientists. In addition to making hair brittle and increasing breakage, research has linked the chemicals in hair products such as coloring agents and straighteners with health effects ranging from skin irritation and asthma to increased risk of fibroids and bladder cancer.

“These chemicals are toxins that are absorbed into our bodies through our scalp,” explains Sharon Stills, ND, naturopathic doctor and author of the forthcoming RED: Get Real and Heal (Advantage). “There are certain toxins, such as environmental pollutants, that are hard to avoid so we have to take extra care to avoid toxins when we can make choices to minimize our exposure. Switching to a natural hair care regimen is one of the ways we can reduce our toxic load.”
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Feb 1, 2021
To take care of your hair naturally, consider some essential points. These points include massaging your scalp, eat healthy food, condition your hair, get sufficient sleep, etc. Also, Don't forget to use natural hair products.
Sep 11, 2021
From what I've read about certain plastics, you wouldn't want to be putting that stuff on your head. I have psoriasis so I have to avoid chemicals. Beer and eggs have also been recommended to me while camping, and I found this ok. Coconut oil is nice, and then just massage the scalp in the shower to wash it out.