National press club disclosure conferance


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Jul 10, 2012
the whole disclosure project is basically run by a rockafella or so i have heard - paul helleyer may be an honorable man with good intentions but we dont really need them to tell us ufo , and zero point energies exist because people have seen ufo and tesla basically created a zero point form of energy like over a hundred years ago .

anything to do with the rockafella or crockafella family is going to lie and be truthful at the same time just to mess with the mids of the masses and itis what there masters have told them to do .

i did like the part where he mentioned the 4 races visiting from the pleiades , andromeda who are ment to be our human brothers or whatever and the zeta retucli and orion and alterra i think he said are where the greys and the reps are coming from as many researchers have been telling for nearly 20 years now , the government are gonna just feed lies with the truth and truth is most of these crafts are actually holographic images , some are like orbs that you see in hauntings ( demons maybe ) who knows some is just natural phenomena and some are the real deal . as for this project tbh i think they just gonna release some bullshit info coz they cant contain the secret anymore as more people are waking up , was a good watch tho .