My MMS enema experiences.

Catherine Schenk

New member
Mar 29, 2021
Hi guys I just discovered this fabulous site. I'm a log term MMS user, however only just into the enema experience. And wow, what an experience.
I consider myself a bit of a health freak, most of the time. No wheat, dairy or sugar. Eat mostly fruit, veggies, salad grassfed meat, nuts etc. And rarely am sick because of it.
However, Almost 2 years ago I caught the worst virus I've had in a while. Fought it with MMS drops from the word go and got well, fairly quickly, however was left with a permanent cough, which led to, over time, everyday needing to cough up green mucus from the top of my chest. I kept up the MMS and tried everything and anything natural to get rid of it, but no luck, eventually in desperation (against everything I believe) I went to a doctor who gave me 3 courses of antibiotics and xray, then said I have COPD. Even after the 3 courses of antibiotics, which improved the mucus to manageable I never got over the coughing and needing to bring up mucus every morning/day.
UNTIL!!!!!! 3 weeks ago, I braved an enema. I did 1 drop in 300 ml warm filtered water first day, 2 drops, 2 days later and 3 drops, 2 days later again.
It was juk 🤢🤢 But really, not too bad. Just needed to stay home for the morning.
Anyway!!!!! I cannot believe it, but all the coughing and all the mucus is completely gone!! 🎉🎉💣💣
I don't know why it actually healed better through the enema than it did orally.
And now I prefer the enema over oral.
It feels good to be cleaned out too 😁😁
I think though, it is also important to replenish with good sources of the vital minerals our bodies need.
I'll share my other uses of MMS another time 🤗🤗