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Nov 9, 2018
I’m Annemieke, I live in the deep countryside of Somerset and I’m 72 years old - so, very wise! ;-)
I have been into alternative/natural medicine practically all my life, since a sleeping pill I took in my twenties did not seem to work unless I took more and more.
I have always liked my food, and realised early on that what you eat makes all the difference to your health.
I am also aware of all the tricks and moneymaking that goes into modern food. What the industry wants is sell us stuff - they have no interest in our well-being at all. Food production is more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer large multinational conglomerates. And those are very clever in convincing us to buy their stuff!
These days I spend my time researching and publishing a monthly blog about food and health, with seasonal recipes: Thought for Food, at