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Medical Marijuana for Your Pets


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
Information about the use of medical marijuana for your pets.


CBD is also being studied for its use in pain management. There's a significant amount of evidence that supports its use for pain control. And since cannabinoids work differently in the body than narcotics and also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they can be used together without the risk of drug interactions.

CBD is also helpful with cancer pain. Silver had a client with a dog who had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and was in a great deal of pain. The client decided to offer cannabinoids to his pet, and after just five days, the dog was once again able to begin putting weight on the leg with the tumor.

Silver is happy to report that as of this writing, the dog continues to well on the cannabis!

There's also evidence CBD may shrink tumors. However, what people are discovering is that cannabinoids, like many Chinese herbs used to treat cancer, work well while in use, but if they're discontinued, the cancer returns.