Massive arm rashes and can't lose weight


New member
Sep 23, 2016
Over the past year I've gained around 60 pounds and am now overweight. I'm starving even after eating very large meals (all healthy foods) and have a massive itching skin rash on both arms. My diet is perfect (as determined by a few doctors) and I keep a perfectly even blood sugar level. I've seen a few doctors (2 MD's and one ND) and the MD's said that judging from my arm rashes it looks like I have a fungal or yeast infection. I took their prescribed Terbinafine (an oral anti fungal) for two weeks and it hasn't seemed to do anything for the rash or weight loss. The ND on the other hand said (like they often do) that I have gut problems or gut species issues. I know at least part of the problem relates to gut issues (if not all of it) as I've had slight bloating at the beginning of this problem and diarrhea or loose stools ever since.

Could it be solely a gut infection that's causing this and would go away on it's own or should I get a stool test to examine the species? The ND want's over $300 for this one stool test. I had a very stressful job when these problems started (and dealt with the fallout of that after the seasonal work was over) and the more frequent hunger seemed to start as soon as I started working there. I used to rarely be hungry and maintain/lose weight easily. What's going on here and how do I at least make some progress towards losing weight and fixing the hunger issue?