Manditory vaccination; This is INCLUDED with your ACA.....


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I read through the pubmed items and not saying anything bad about pubmed but if one of the doctors in one of those studies came out and said it was fraudulent I would not believe the study. That is just what happened the doctor that did the study came out and said it was fraudulent. You do not want to listen to him.
Vaccines bypass the immune protection given the body by being injected most of you immunity is in the digestive system. What study shows mercury is good for the body Oh yes the allopathic doctors in the 1800 gave it in larges doses to cure disease. It is not hard to make a study to get any results you want and if the profits of these studies make the drug/vaccine companies billions of dollars that OK too???


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Doug, don't get me wrong, I'm just as skeptical of allophathic medicine as you are. I think doctors these days are trained to prescribe medications to treat symptoms, not trained to treat the root cause of the symptoms.

But here's one of my observations; MD's are not scientists. When I see an article written by an MD making a claim, I take it with a grain of salt. They're just a professional with an opinion.

But when a scientist creates a study and publishes it for peer review, it's up to the other scientists and people like you and I to decide is the study was done correctly, and what application is has for me, you or anyone else. For example, was the study double blind, or did the patients know what treatment they were receiving (which has a huge outcome of the results)? Was the subject and control group size big enough to provide valid results? Etc

But you're right, if one of the authors of the study came forth and admitted the study as falsified in any way, I'd have to discredit or question all of his or her previous work, but NOT the work involved in an entire field of study! But science is serious business, and few of the hundreds of thousands of scientist out there trying to earn a living, very few are risking their careers by falsifying results. Also, even fewer respected scientific publications are going to risk promoting questionable scientific work by publishing them in their journals. Sure, garbage slips through all the time, but we can't discount the scientific method because of the bad apples.

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1) I still haven't seen any science guys...opinion articles about what scientists have said is not science. Show me the science!!!!!

2) Goat, you've only seen a dozen of my posts, but do you think on any level I prescribe to the food pyramid?

2) Absolutely not. You have seen through the CW BS and eat accordingly now.

1) Assuming the FedGod documents are gospel isn't necessarily science, which I used the food pyramid as an example I knew you'd understand.

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Show me the science!!!!
This link lists the abstracts of dozens of peer-reviewed studies that concluded vaccines, and specifically the preservative thimerosal, are indeed linked to autism. You can frequently find the full version of studies online by searching for them by name.

Another thirty studies linking vaccines and autism

91 studies

I'll stop now because at this point we are reaching some serious overlap in that many of these studies are repeated across the different links, however the point is that there are dozens and dozens of studies implicating vaccines as a contributing factor in autism and other diseases (nothing exists in a vacuum).

Some of the studies are immediately relevant and present a strong case, some are weaker and some are really stretching it. No study is conducted 100% perfectly and all of them have some flaws, and if you look through them I'm sure you'll find reasons to discount a number of them. But if you review all of this data with a truly open and unbiased mind, there is only one conclusion you will reach.

Of course there are dozens of studies saying vaccines are harmless, but the most important rule of medicine (very rarely followed these days) is "do no harm." One study that can show a convincing link between vaccines and autism or any other disease/disorder will overpower 1,000 that say vaccines are harmless.

Nobody will or should do your HW for you, however we can point you in the right direction and if you are committed to learning the truth the information IS out there.

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implicating vaccines as a contributing factor in autism and other diseases (nothing exists in a vacuum).
Some people can get 20 vaccines and don't seem to have any adverse effects whatsoever, others can suffer permanent neurological damage from a single vaccine, and there are reports that some babies have literally died because of the vaccines they received. Why the huge disparity??? Everyone is different and has a different biological and genetic makeup and different people may react in very different ways to the same stimulus. One of the issues with thimerasol seems to be that some people may be far less efficient at dealing with mercury then others, so whereas most will be able to deal with the preservative without obvious or immediate repercussions there could be a small subset of the population that could suffer real harm from it.


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The is nothing healthy, nothing natural about vaccines. Especially forced vaccines. To all US residents, see what you can do to help stop the tide of irrational legislation going on in America today at


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Maybe there is nothing new to be said? Horror stories about the misuse of vaccines continue in the meantime. The upcoming elections offer very little hope of improvement. What do you have to contribute to a worthy discussion?


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You need to be very naive to think that the billion dollar medical system is not looking for or making more customers. Some naive people think they are out to put themselves out of business.


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The problem is that the vaccine makers are supposed to be self-governing. Definitely not going to work. Too many protections in place for them.


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There is no end in sight with at least 300 vaccines in the current developmental pipel

Minimize vaccine exemptions:
States should enact and enable universal childhood vaccinations except where immunization is medically contraindicated. Non-medical vaccine exemptions, including personal belief exemptions, enable higher rates of exemptions in those states that allow them [implying religious and philosophical exemptions should not be allowed.]

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