Leg cramps


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I just take one or two 500mg of Magnesium capsules orally. Evidently I get enuff potassium from foods.
I haven't had leg cramps in years, tho yrs ago I'd scream in pain from them. I do uise Global Light's Miracle II
liquid soap in my bathtub, usually soaking for 20 to 30 minutes. I only bought one bottle of their Magnesium Gel.


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Epsom salts & magnesium deficiency

I've discovered the tremendous (and very inexpensive plus readily available!) benefits of Epsom salts.
Epsom Salt: Definition

Magnesium sulfate is the scientific name of this home remedy. Found in Epsom, England, it is actually a mineral compound, not a salt. It lacks color and looks like a crystal, making it appear more like a salt than a mineral. Magnesium is used in multiple systems within the body. It serves as a regulator for more than 325 enzymes, according to SaltWorks. The sulfates in Epsom salt help the body absorb nutrients, flush out toxins and form proteins and muscle tissue.

How It Works

Epsom salt can enter the body two ways: absorbed through the skin or ingested. Soaking in Epsom salt increases the body's supply of magnesium and its serotonin levels, which elevates mood, reports the Epsom Salt Council. When ingested, it is in the form of a water solution that may look milky. Magnesium and sulfates are sometimes hard to get from food through the digestive tract, whereas skin absorption is an effective delivery system.

From my studies, I've learned that magnesium deficiency is pretty common in our current society. Magnesium is vital to the healthy operation of our bodies, and a deficiency causes a host of ills and related symptoms.

This article by Dr. Mark Hyman is excellent for an understanding of magnesium's role in health: Magnesium: Meet the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available

In closing, if you like baths, I highly recommend taking an Espsom salt bath before bed. Ooh yeah! It is SO relaxing and as you'll read in Dr. Hyman's article, magnesium is the "relaxation mineral" because it's a key to muscle functioning and muscle's ability to relax... I've found it SO true. And to make your bath even more heavenly, look for lavender Epsom salts or add a few drops of lavender oil. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel and sleep!



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Physical activity is essential to ward off leg cramps..

I'd rule out dehydration electrolyte or hormonal imbalance.

This link is really great for explaining just how important it is to keep your mineral ratios in check and the damage you can do by over supplementing or supplementation when it's not needed..



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Oh, in my work I have seen some patients come into hospice using homeopathic combination remedies that they swear by for leg cramps. These are some of the last medicines to be taken by ... remember most of these patients can't even get in a a bath tub or do all that we might to relieve leg crams.

some of the homeopathic preparations have quinine in them. Im thinking that Hylands might make one of them.

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Ive stopped having leg cramps since Ive stopped the soda and coffee. Not having a bathtub with leg cramps would be terrible! the only way I would be able to get rid of the leg cramps in the upper front part of my legs, would be to get in a tub of nothing but hot water.... I have crawled to my bathroom many a times just to get into the water.. Im not sure if they stopped because I was drinking so much soda and coffee or because I wasnt drinking water....since Ive stopped them, I have definitly added more water.
I wonder, if you are having leg cramps or could it possibly be restless leg syndrome??? Im not sure how you would be able to tell the difference though.


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Seems like something must be interfering with magnesium absorption. Or something is removing magnesium, maybe like a drug.

It is one of the several jobs of magnesium to relax the muscles. Calcium would constrict them. Perhaps too much calcium is indicated.


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Restless leg syndrome typically is not painful. Uncomfortable but not pain. It feels more like anxiety in the legs.