Knee pain


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I have knee pain, only hurts when using it. especially when getting up from sitting position or getting out of vehicle, trying to exercise etc. outer side hurts with pain radiating into the joint. I have had 2 surgeries to clean out torn cartlidge. I assume with the cartlidge missing there is less stability in the knee.

Any thoughts on what it could be? I get it a bunch of times a year and if I am careful pain goes away in 3-4 weeks. Does anyone use kinesiology tape.. wonder if that would help?


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I have not even heard of that tape. I never buy anything from Amazon due to my paranoia about their lack of privacy support. But it do go there to read buyer reviews / opinions of products. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews of that product. But check anyway.

Let a purring cat sit on your lap frequently. Not kidding. Check it out on this forum and elsewhere.

Curcumin is supposed to be the best antioxidant and healer of such things, but I haven't found it to be true of my occasional hip pain (like arthritis).

My severe senior moment will not let me remember what I recently read that is good for healing bone breaks. I'll keep trying, even though I realize you did not have a break.


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I agree with Jfh about the Turmeric/Curcumin for inflammation pain. Another supplement that's very useful for joint inflammation in MSM. A quality Omega 3 fish oil will also help, I use NOW liquid lemon flavored.


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If you have torn cartilage or pain which normally is deficient amount of cartilage. Then it would make sense to put nourishment in your body that will make cartilage. Glucosamine. Chondroitin and sulphur MSM or gelatin, or chicken cartilage all of these are used by the body to put back what is missing.

Stopping the pain is one thing fixing the cause is another


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Hi Everyone,
Following are the knee pain remedies:
  1. Hot or cold compression packs.
  2. Pain Killers
  3. Rest
  4. Regular exercises is best treatment


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My chiropractor has helped my knee (and numerous other types of) pain. He suggests exercise, rest, elevation, and COLD packs (20 minutes on/20 minutes off). Jarrow joint builder formula (Vit C, D, manganese, glucosamine sulfate, and MSM) help me too.


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I have a hard story about my right knee which got all worse after hip replacement and shorter leg outcome....

I've used the tapes over the years and they can help depending on how chronic issues are.

Right now I'm using

Cosamin DS (into 6 months now)
Omega 3's EPA-DHA Balance by Jarrow (3-5 softgels daily)
Turmeric Curcumin (Sports Research)

And I do a lot of other things too and so NOT wanting to do knee replacement.

Prolotherapy can really work but it's out of pocket.


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The main painkillers used reduce the ability of the body to make cartilage which your body needs to repair the problem