Kidney stones


Jan 5, 2009
Spain from UK
Has anyone had experience of dissolving kidney stones....or gall stones??? I know there are remedies involving olive oil and grapefruit juice on a doctors site on line, but I would be interested in personal results.


Standing at the Portal
Oct 16, 2007
Cornsilk tea, lots of it, can lend to an easy passage of a kidney stone.
Gall stones may be assisted to break down by taking bile supplements, lots of them but I wouldn't do it until I had done a gall bladder flush first.
Olive oil and lemon juice faciltitate the passage of gall stones but you should add epsom salts to the forumula to relax the bile duct for passage of larger stones.
find protocols here. Dr Hulda Clark- Cleansing Parasites, Colon, Kidney and Liver