just a vent --- superficial freckle punch biopsy - stage 0 melanoma in situ *huh?


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Aug 8, 2012
wait... precancer? the dx reads - "Sections show increased singly dispersed atypical at the basal layer with focal upward spread within the epidermis, extending to peripheral specimen margins. There is preservation of p16 expression by immunohistochemistry. While these histologic features are not diagnostic, partially-sampled early lentigo maligna type of MELANOM IN SITU cannot be excluded. Additional sampling of this lesion is recommended for further histopathologic evaluation."

The freckles are dead center on my forehead. They want to remove MORE and there WILL be a scar - a line. ( I once had a SCARE like above when I had a patch of skin from my nose biopsied. The MD was adamant it WAS cancer and sent me home to wait for results with a HANFUL of brochures and pamphlets on MOHS surgery. which I am still bothered about. NO CANCER. Threat thwarted. but still that scar will never heal - PTSD!!)

Now this. I called and told them I will talk to others in the know - I want a second opinion on that read... and I just don't trust them. Cancer Stage 0 sounds like needs money for new mercedes. middle of my face. nose has scar from overzealous scalpel wielding md. who was wrong. but scared me by threatening me with mohs surgery when she had NO biopsy report. SHE WAS SURE OF IT BEING MALIGNANT. POSITIVE. ugh. wonder why i mistrust...

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