It's been long enough


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Nov 15, 2018
Hey guys,

I usually prefer sitting on the sidelines, but I've benefited so much I think I should partake in some discussions from now on. I hope to benefit the community, like I have myself.

I've recently entered remission from a type of cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma, and I believe a big part of that reason is due to natural medicine.

I hope to share my journey in more detail.


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
Welcome aboard. Sorry that you had to endure that disease. It bothers people that research has not found a cure for cancer, even with so much money pouring in. The problem is that there are so many variations of cancer, and caused by various toxins or other bad environment. What affects one person may not affect another. The same for the cure. No body is the same.

Please share. We can all benefit. Even anecdotally.