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Itchy eyes with no irritation


New member
Dec 4, 2017
Here's my case :

Early november, i put my usual moisturizer with one drop of geranium essential oil (i've done this for like 3 years) But that time, i felt like a burning feeling around my eyes (yet i avoided the eye zone). No blurry vision, no red eyes... Just a feeling of burning.

Ever since, i stopped using that... But i have still randomly have a itchy feeling. Still no blurry vision or red eyes, just the feeling of dryness. It can happen in the right eye or the left one. Sometimes i have nothing, sometimes i do.

I tried eye drops, tea bags, cold compress, warm compress.. I don't know what to do. Any ideas of what could cause that and what could help me?!?

Thank you so much

Sep 11, 2021
Maybe a vague fungal infection that the geranium was reacting to? Or something similar causing very subtle dermatitis?