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issues with dental fluorosis


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Jun 7, 2018
I've known that I've had dental flourosis for a long time now I am 24 and its really gotten to me lately I'm a introvert but I want to go out and be with people my two front teeth really show white streeks all over and its gotten to the point where its effecting me mentally as they feel really sensative and I dont want to smile anymore. I know I've read countless articles that there is no cure for this but I've also read people have done wonders with oil pulling and vitamins.

Is there any hope for me to make my teeth strong healthy and free of flourosis through holistic means I dont just want a cosmetic fix as I still have the feeling along with the fact of knowing they arnt good. This a side note but also when I brush I cant avoid but swallow toothpaste if I can try avoid this will that help. Please forgive this clutter of words I type out of stress and concern that there might be hope of fixing this if not please dont respond I cant take knowing there isn't hope. My 2 front teeth are effected the most the surface is rough and they feel like rubber :(


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Dec 3, 2007
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Yes, oil pulling. Use unrefined coconut oil, so that all the acids are still there. And make your own toothpaste. Search for natural recipes. My favorite is to mix baking soda with coconut oil, but you can find others.

This is an excellent article on how to manage fluoride problems. You don't need toothpastes with fluoride. You get enough from drinking water and showering. And tea has fluoride too. The older the tea leaf, the more fluoride. So, green tea is better. http://www.thehouseofdentistry.com/blog/tag/oil-pulling/


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Apr 18, 2018
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OP: I hope you are NOT using any fluoridated products and especially toothpastes. And avoiding tap waters that are fluoridated.

I don't know if it can be reversed. Sadly my lovely grandgirl's teeth after having her braces removed allowed the dentist to do fluoride treatments and you guessed it, fairly mild fluorosis.. She is so anti F and very holistic in her healing and she's 21.