Is this guy for real about ACA??


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Who is responsible for the madness that is emerging out of Obamacare? At the time Obamacare was passed, it was impossible for most Americans to tell you what was in the plan and, most of all, who was responsible for writing the plan. Don’t you remember when Nancy Pelosi commanded Congress to pass the healthcare so that we could see what was in it?
Who Actually Wrote Obamacare?

And now for the shocking truth about who actually wrote Obamacare. After all the secrecy surrounding Obamacare is lifting, we can finally put a name to this cruel lie. The man’s name who wrote a great deal of the scourge that we call Obamacare, is convicted felon, Robert Creamer.
Creamer is now credited for writing 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison. Creamer is a senior Democratic operative who defrauded banks in order to keep his Marxist/Communist community organization afloat by engaging in 16 counts of bank and tax fraud. Creamer’s book is entitled, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.
Many left-wingers say that Creamer’s book has inspired them in their progressive fight to turn America into socialist Europe. Creamer’s work has received support and garnered an endorsement from a surprising source. Or, maybe it is not so surprising after all. Former White House Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, described Creamer’s book as a “blueprint” for future progressive victories. Creamer has stated that in order to impose socialist healthcare on an unwilling nation, it is necessary to deceive the people.
The perfect Marxist couple, the convicted criminal, Robert Creamer, and his wife the Congresswoman, Marxist, Jan Schakowsky.

Creamer is the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat who demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system. Creamer’s book calls for the “democratization of wealth”, and the “progressive control of governments around the world”.
Creamer says that Democrats could win a permanent majority in Congress “by passing a national health care bill, turning more people into wards of government, that works to grow government; and by giving amnesty to all illegals, thereby creating, virtually overnight, a large new constituency of Democratic voters”. With 50% of the country on some form of welfare, Creamer’s plan has progressed at a very rapid pace.
Creamer counseled Democrats that to win complete control of America, they must “not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust”. He adds, “If the Democrats continue to stand firmly for immigrant rights, the issue will define immigrants’ voting loyalties for a generation. If we’re successful, we’ll have a gigantic block of progressive votes over the next 15 years, a block that could be decisive in the battle for the future.”


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"You cannot make an honest contract with a dishonest person."

So, when some politician says, "Hey, I'll steal from that other person and give it to you", remember, your dealing with a thief.

If you trust a thief to not steal from you, you're far more trusting than I am.


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Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare - so what felon created Romneycare?

Part of the confusion is that health care is just plain confusing. If you have your pre-Obamacare health policy, crack it open and give it a read. You probably wont get past 2 pages before you need a Philadelphia lawyer to explain the legalize.


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Obamacare was written by the drug companies and it was so bad that no one was to read it before it was passed.
What has Obamamcare got for the people pain and suffering for years followed by surgery and then death.
This is what the orthodox medical system does, cure is a bad word only management is allowed and if a doctor accidentally cures someone his licence is taken away or chased out of the country.
[FONT=&quot]People need to take the red pill and come out of the medical matrix[/FONT]


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Give me homeopathy, tinctures, flower essences - before I would even consider those other things that someone with more money than brains convinced the masses was way better.

All to make money - not to cure - it is just to make money. (my opinion)