Is there any real 100% safe way of using nicotine on a long term basis?


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Dec 6, 2019
Hey guys I'm new here. I stopped smoking 5 years ago and switched to vaping since then since it was all the rage. And honestly, I did feel much better after vaping and getting less sick and less colds. Now after 5 years it doesn't seem that vaping is as benign as it is and even though it's miles better than cigarettes, I vape all day long and I'm sure sooner or later it will catch up to me.

Reports of water in the lungs is something that terrifies me. My other go to options are nicorette lozenges but again those contain a bunch of aspartame and bunch of chemicals, and after say 10 years or so something easily could happen after reading studies on aspartame on the brain, although they are very tiny lozenges and maybe there isn't that much aspartame in it.

I did manage to find some nicotine lozenges without aspartame on a few sites like nicotinel and but they contain a gram of sugar for every lozenge and adding 20 grams of sugar in my diet on a daily basis doesn't help my fat loss routine I'm on. So my last option is to use nicotine patches from nicorette, and it seems this is the best option for the minimum amount of health or diet issues, only problem is they are pretty darn expensive.

Let's say I decide to pay for patches although it would break my wallet, are there ANY risks or issues with that. I'm thinking hard on it and can't find a downside, but I'd like to have the opinion of other people, is there anything that I haven't thought about? Thanks a lot!


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Apr 18, 2018
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So you gave up one cancer causing way for another.

People DO KICK THE HABIT of nicotine.

Do some searches on homeopathy and your nicotine issue.

My daughter and I are using HGH homeopathic gel and it's changing so much in our lives and we're not hooked on nicotine. You might search HGH and nicotine reduction etc.


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Sep 11, 2020
Houston, TX
Just a note from a wild edibles/medicinal plant instructor who's studied a lot of ethnobotanical the journals of Lewis and Clark it's mentioned that during most of the peace pipe ceremonies the Native Americans would all start farting. This really annoyed Lewis and Clark, coming across to them as rather barbaric. Finally Lewis asked some of the Native Americans just what the heck was going on and they mentioned that they were swallowing the smoke rather than inhaling it into the lungs. This really would help reduce/negate the lung effects of smoking & vapping, though it may not make you very popular in elevators or car trips. Also, there's still the risk to your mouth and throat.