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Infant UTI, Avoid Antibiotics?


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Jan 9, 2018
Hello Everyone!

My 8-month-old daughter just tested positive for a UTI yesterday. For the last couple days, I've noticed temperature spikes (up to 102) and also a swelling in her soft-spot that corresponds with the fever spikes. She then goes almost back to normal in between. (The doctor absolutely insists that the soft-spot bulging is fine and is not related to the UTI. At this point in my research, I'm not so sure.)

Anyway, her pediatrician immediately recommended an antibiotic shot (which I want to avoid at all costs!) and HAS prescribed her a round of oral antibiotics (which I want to avoid altogether if possible).

I can't find ANYTHING online about antibiotic alternatives when treating an infant's UTI. I'm curious if anyone has had success in treating their babies with natural remedies. Thanks in advance!

Sep 11, 2021
I imagine that the UTI is there in the first place to indicate a vulnerability to things like antibiotics, so it wouldn't be ideal. But its awkward to give infants remedies that children and adults can take. For example, colloidal silver can be highly effective, however, its impossible to tell if an infant has an allergy to silver, and this can be fatal in an extremely rare number of cases. If the condition was life-threatening, then it would be worth it though. Rubbing the body with Apple Cider Vinegar would help. An infant should be able to fight of a disease like this on their own. Their bodies perhaps absorb topical treatments better too.