Increased Premiums and Major Health Insurers Dropping Out


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
Ideally she'll move to Single Payer/Universal health's just unfortunate that such baby steps need to be taken for the Americans, mostly on the right, to accept such a reasonable health system like so many other countries have. Obama would have made the changes right away if he could have, but next best thing was the Affordable Care Act which really has helped many Americans including myself.


perpetual student
Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
The risks are too high for the health insurance companies to continue to maintain their support for a system that discounts much. It's the pharmaceuticals and expensive high tech gear that becomes expensive. I don't know how countries can provide such coverage for the whole of their citizenry. I suppose that's why their taxes are so high. There is a movement, in the USA, to get Medicare for all. Medicare is currently only for senior citizens. But even that is very expensive for out government. The 3 biggest expenses are Social Security, Medicare, and military defense. The first 2 are due to the enormous baby boom generation becoming seniors. The first 2 are also being paid by the younger workers for the older retirees who paid into those systems while they were working. The gov wants to solve that by making it difficult for anyone to retire early.

There is no easy solution. The Social Security holding fund was drastically drawn down to support the 2 illegal wars after 2001.