Hurricane Xaver in northern Europe


perpetual student
Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
Yikes! Isn't this a bit late in the hurricane season, even in Europe?

Powerful Atlantic storm named Xaver, the worst since 1953, has tracked east to the north of Scotland overnight, bringing very strong winds across northern parts of the UK. Severe storm and flooding warnings are in effect for the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. Western and southern Norway are also bracing for the pending storm.

Automatic weather stations in mountainous region of Scotland recorded wind speeds of near 300 km/h this morning. In urban areas of Scotland measured wind speeds reached 228 km/h, which is equivalent to category 4 hurricane (Saffir-Simpson scale).

See videos at the linked site.

In central Texas, I'm experiencing freezing weather too. I'd really rather have global warming.