Himalayan Salt - a Diuretic??


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I read that HS is a diuretic. Lately I've upped my intake of HS, but quickly gained 2-3 lbs. Seems it's NOT a diuretic, but acts like regular sodium, which makes your body retain fluids.
I googled a dozen websites and couldn't find HS being a diuretic again.
I may lower my intake to around 1500mg again and see it the weight goes back down.

Any input?


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It contains up to 98% sodium chloride (table salt). I treat it as table salt in my 2300 mg per day of salt. I try to go well below that 2300 per day, but it is not easy to determine the amount of sodium in foods such as celery. So that figure is just a benchmark.

It's the other 2% of trace minerals that give Himalayan its health benefit. Calcium, chloride, potassium, iron, magnesium.


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Right! Thanks. So seems it would act just like sodium. Reading my new Himalayan Salt book last night, it mentioned a salt flush. It said that doing a 2 tsp HS with warm water salt flush, would, ironically imho, take care of fluid retention! It would do a reset and balance ones electrolytes. I just did one so we'll see.


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Sodium reduces aldosterone the hormone that allows the body to retain sodium by retaining body fluids. When Aldosterone gets very high and the bodies sodium is low, aldosterone will actually start to pull sodium from your bones.
If you're retaining water I would actually increase your sodium intake.
Id also recommend reading the book- The Salt Fix by Dr.J ames J. DiNicolantonio.

If you're consuming 4kmg of Na a day I'd look elsewhere in your diet for the water retention.